Now we have a more sleek and compact 4G WiFi hotspot device to couple with the high-speed Jio 4G. Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio has once again silently introduced a new 4G wireless hotspot device – JioDongle 2.

The new JioDongle 2 is an ultra-portable USB dongle, that offers a quick connection to your Jio 4G. Here you won’t need to worry much about running out of battery, as the new device have no battery or an OLED display.

JioDongle 2 is essentially a 4G USB dongle which can be connected to a laptop/desktop USB port or directly to the plug point using a USB power adapter. The device can create a WiFi hotspot from your Jio 4G connection, to which you can connect up to 10 WiFi devices at a time.

Reliance Jio launches JioDongle 2 - WiFi Hotspot device

In addition to the WiFi hotspot functionality, you can download the Jio4GVoice (previously JioJoin) app on your smartphone to make VoLTE HD voice and video calls. Also, you will get unlimited access to a full bouquet of Jio apps and contents.

According to the twitter user Yatin Chawla (@YatinChawla) the JioDongle 2 comes with a price tag of Rs 1,999, same as the original JioFi device. The JioDongle 2 device is available at Reliance Digital stores in selected cities across India.


  • First, you need the purchase the new JioDongle 2 device from any of the Reliance Digital and Dx Mini stores.
  • Fill up the CAF (customer acquisition form) and provide them with valid documents including address and identification proof along with passport size photo.
  • Get the free Jio 4G SIM
  • Once you have a Jio 4G SIM, insert it into the same JioDongle 2 device.
  • Activate by calling 18008901977 from any alternate mobile number and verify your details.
  • Once your Jio 4G SIM is activated you will be also entitled to the Jio welcome offer valid till 31st December 2016.
  • To make VoLTE voice call, download the Jio4GVoice (previously JioJoin) app from the app store on your mobile.

A few weeks ago Reliance introduced a new JioFi 4G wireless hotspot device which comes with OLED display, a bigger battery and matte finish. It was the upgraded version of second-generation JioFi 2 4G MiFi hotspot device.

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