The news you want to hear. The emerging telecom operator Reliance Jio has extended its “Jio Preview Offer” and “Jio Welcome Offer” till 31st March 2017. For these operator has announced a new promotion offer called Jio Happy New Year Offer. Packing all the benefits of the previous offer, but these time with a fine-tuned fair usage policy.

The Jio Happy New Year Offer will be available from 4th December 2016 to new Reliance Jio subscribers. Also, all existing Jio subscribers with Jio Welcome Offer will get automatically upgraded to Jio Happy New Year Offer and Jio benefits till 31st March 2017. The 4th December is the day on which operator’s earlier announced the closure of Jio Welcome Offer.

Reliance Jio extends Welcome Offer to 31st March 2017 with Jio Happy New Year Offer

What’s packed with the Jio Happy New Year Offer? the new offer is just an extension of the earlier Jio 4G preview offer and Jio Welcome Offer. You will still get access to unlimited 4G LTE data with 1GB FUP limit, unlimited free voice and video calling and unlimited messaging services. In addition, you will also get unlimited access to a full bouquet of Jio apps and media contents.

Jio Happy New Year Offer

  • Promotional offer is open to any 4G LTE capable device (like iPhone’s, Redmi, OnePlus, Samsung devices).
  • Free Reliance Jio 4G SIM.
  • Unlimited 4G LTE data benefits (FUP limit at 1 GB of 4G LTE data benefits per day and then speed limited to 128Kbps rest of the day). Those who still need high-speed 4G LTE for browsing can choose from a slew of 4G data packs.
  • Unlimited voice minutes to anywhere in India to any telecom network.
  • Free messaging (maximum 100 SMS per day).
  • Free unlimited access to Jio’s suite of apps – including Jio Play, JioChat, JioOnDemand, JioBeats, JioMags, JioXpressNews, JioDrive, JioJoin, JioMoney, JioSecurity, and JioNews.
  • Offer valid till 31st March 2017.

Still waiting to get a Reliance Jio SIM? Start by downloading the MyJio app and generate the QR Code for your device. Carry the offer code along with an identity proof (preferably Aadhaar) to any Reliance Digital store and get your free Jio 4G SIM with Jio Happy New Year Offer activated within 15 minutes.

How to get Jio Happy New Year Offer

  • First, make sure you have a Jio compatible 4G LTE smartphone to put the Jio 4G SIM.
  • Download the MyJio app (Google Play or Apple iTunes). On opening the app, click on the ‘Get Jio sim’ button on the home banner.
  • Visit the nearest Reliance Digital, Digital Xpress or Digital Xpress mini stores.
  • Carry all the valid documents including address and identification proof along with passport size photo.
  • Preferably use Aadhaar, as Jio uses digital e-KYC Aadhaar card verification for quicker SIM activation.
  • Once you have a Jio 4G SIM, insert it to your 4G smartphone.
  • Fully activate the Jio 4G SIM by calling 1977.
  • Once your Jio 4G SIM is activated, open up the MyJio App and register to avail the Jio Happy New Year Offer.

Do note that your 4G smartphone should support any of the three Reliance Jio 4G bands – BAND 5 LTE FDD (850 Mhz), BAND 3 LTE FDD (1800 Mhz) and BAND 40 LTE TDD (2300 Mhz). If your mobile supports VoLTE then you can make HD-quality voice and video calls. Or if you got only a 4G LTE data supporting device, then you can use the JioJoin app for making the voice calls.

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