According to the latest Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), MySpeed Portal data for the month of May 2017, Reliance Jio still commands the top spot in 4G download speed. The new entrant in Indian telco space offers around 18.809 Mbps download speed, down by around 0.4 Mbps from April 2017. When compared this with other Indian telcos, Vodafone India stands second in offering 4G download speed with 12.297 Mbps, followed by Idea Cellular at 11.685 Mbps. India’s largest telecom operator Airtel showed an average of 8.233 Mbps 4G download speed during the month.

Reliance Jio 4G download speed thrives at top, Vodafone India on 4G upload speed - TRAI

Coming to 4G upload speed, Idea Cellular raises to the top position by offering an average 7.552 Mbps 4G upload speed. On the second spot, we have Vodafone India with 6.949 Mbps and Reliance Jio at third spot at 5.010 Mbps.

TRAI MySpeed 4G Speed report May 2017

  • Reliance Jio got the highest average 4G download speed with 18.809 Mbps.
  • On the second spot, we have Vodafone India with average download speed of 12.297 Mbps. Idea Cellular stands third with average download speed of 11.685 Mbps.
  • Airtel still on the fourth spot with 8.233 Mbps in average 4G download speed. That’s almost 2 Mbps slower than the previous month.
  • When checking upload speed, Idea Cellular topped the chart with an average upload speed of 7.552 Mbps. Followed by Vodafone India with 4G upload speed of 6.949 Mbps.

If you are new to TRAI MySpeed Portal, then its uses data shared by users using its TRAI MySpeed App. It lets you explore the network coverage and mobile internet speed across different telecom operators pinpointed to your exact location. One added advantage is that the portal helps you to find the operator having speediest mobile internet connection in your area.

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