JioLink, you may have heard about this exclusive data service from Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio, which is still in beta and yet to be announced for the public. Well, if you don’t know, then JioLink is basically 4G WiFi hotspot service which you could connect to and avail high-speed internet. It’s mainly for indoor usage like in home, coffee shops, malls etc.

So, if you’re lucky enough to get a connection, then Reliance Jio has announced three new JioLink data plans. Rs 699, Rs 2099 and Rs 4190 JioLink plans come with up to 1TB of high-speed data benefits. As it’s a data plan there won’t be any voice or SMS benefits associated with these plans. However, you would get the complimentary premium subscription to Jio Apps like JioTV and JioCinema.

JioLink data plans

Going through the fine print, the JioLink Rs 699 plan is a monthly plan with a validity of 28 days. It packs 5GB of high-speed data per day. Post the daily FUP limit, speed would be throttled down to 64 kbps for rest of the day. Jio also bundling additional 16GB of data with this plan, thus you would end up getting 156GB of data per month.

Reliance Jio now packs up to 1TB data with new JioLink plans

Next, the quarterly JioLink Rs 2099 plan which packs similar 5GB of data per day for a validity period of 98 days. You could also get 48GB of additional data benefits with this plan. Thus you would end up getting around 538GB of data during this period.

Finally, the half-yearly JioLink Rs 4199 plan which also packs 5GB of data per day and comes with a validity period of 196 days. The telco is also bundling additional 96GB of data with this plan. Thus you would get around 1076GB or 1TB of data for the entire period.

Do note that, the above data plans are exclusive and will work only for JioLink customers. The service is currently in the beta phase with a limited rollout across the country. We would expect a wider rollout of JioLink services at the end of this year.

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