Reliance Communications (RCOM) one of the top 3G telecom service provider in India has also jumped into the bandwagon of slashing 3G data tariffs similar to BSNL, Airtel and Idea Cellular. Reliance now offering affordable 3G data plans for USB 3G data card users across all 13 Reliance 3G telecom circles in India.

Reliance Communication slashes 3G data Tariffs - Now 1GB for Rs 250

With the new 3G plans, customers will get 1GB of 3G data usage at Rs 250 per month and 2GB of 3G data usage at Rs 450 per month for every extra usage users pay as less as 20p/MB. Reliance new My Best Plan 3G data plans provides customer to only pay for the data they have used. The plan automatically adapts to users usage pattern and charges the lowest bill amount for the data users have used. Through this 3G plan customers will get 6GB of 3G data usage for Rs 1,250 per month and after 6000MB of data is consumed at 3G speeds, unlimited browsing is available at caped speeds up to 64 Kbps at no extra charges.

Reliance Communication 3G Data Tariffs - My Best 3G Plan

Reliance is also offering unlimited 3G data plans starting from Rs 750 for 5GB 3G data usage per month, Rs 950 for 10GB 3G data usage per month and Rs 1200 for 15GB 3G data usage per month, with any extra usage after the free limit is capped to 64Kbps.

Reliance Communication Unlimited 3G data plans

Slowly all the telecom operators are reducing the 3G tariffs making it more affordable to use by the masses. With Reliance looking to launch 4G service later this year we can accept more reduction in the 3G prices.

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