In an yet another shocking incident of mobile phone explosion, Xiaomi’s Redmi 4A turned out to be the suspect. This is not the first time a Xiaomi phone has been alleged for causing an explosion. Last year we happened to report one such explosion caused by a Redmi Note 4 near Bangalore. So let’s get into the details of this new allegation.

The Incident

As per a social media post dated 16 February 2018, the events related to explosion happened near Alappuzha in Kerala. The alleged video narrates, that the youth had kept his Redmi 4A in his pants’ pocket, and it exploded causing second degree burns. From the pictures and video it is clear that, the battery has blown off the back cover of Redmi 4A. You can checkout the facebook post [link] for more clarity.


We are yet to see a response to this incident from Xiaomi India. It’s been only few hours since the event was posted in public media. Like all the allegations, Xiaomi will be investigating to verify the authenticity of the claim. If in any case, the event turns out to be true, Xiaomi might pay for the damage and issue a replacement phone. But we are left with a question, ‘How safe are these budget smartphones?’. Hope the article was informative, Peace!

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