Rediff, India’s most popular and leading news portal brings Realtime Indian News Search service, which bring India as it happens around you in real-time. Users can instantly search for events, people and topics in the news. It will also provide you the latest news results, as user type the search queries. Rediff portal covers India news, Hindi Movies, Photos, Videos, Live Cricket Score, Stock updates from BSE and NSE, Bollywood news, Online shopping, Social networking, Rediffmail NG.

Rediff Realtime Indian News Search Invitation Page

According to a statement from Rediff states that “Rediff Realtime News Search will deliver real-time, high performance search for results pertaining to news, events and people. Realtime news are collected ‘within minutes of the actual news event taking place and results returned within milliseconds of a user query’. The news search will contain images of Bollywood events, sports celebrities ‘directly from the photographers covering the events’.”

The service is an initiative from Rediff lab which developed an in-house state-of-the-art technology for looking new content on the web and brings it together to generate instant search. The service also offers multi device support (mobile,tablets and desktop) and the level of functional, then would depend on the device’s javascript capability, said a Rediff spokesperson.

Watch out a demo video on Rediff  Realtime News search feature by us
Access to the Rediff real-time news service is currently by invitation only. For early access you provide your e-mail id to request for an invite from Rediff (better chance to use your Rediff mail account). So next time if you need real-time update on Indian news, try out Rediff Realtime News Search service.

Link – Rediff Real-time News

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