There has been media reports that mobile recharge shops in many parts of India selling phone number of girls who come to them for recharge. There is even a racket running this whole operation. To safeguard the privacy of subscribers and to maintain a strict secrecy of one’s mobile number getting exposed to an unknown person in the recharge outlets, Vodafone India has launched Private Recharge Mode.

A free of cost service provided by Vodafone that enables you to recharge your Vodafone mobile connection without sharing the mobile number with the recharge outlets. It essentially safeguards the privacy of women mobile users, who’s mobile number may get misused by the retailer. The whole service is part of ‘Vodafone Sakhi’ that aims to empower rural women in India.

Now recharge without sharing your Mobile Number - Vodafone Private Recharge Mode

So how the Vodafone Private Recharge Mode works? This service really helps when you are trying to recharge your Vodafone mobile connection from a recharge outlet. First, you need to send an SMS to a toll-free number 12604 with the keyword ‘Private’. You will instantly get an OTP on your mobile phone. You can then safely share these OTP with the retailer in the recharge outlet to recharge your mobile connection. Here the OTP act as your mobile number for a brief period of time. You can do any type of recharges while sharing the OTP, like top up recharges, bonus cards, internet packs, roaming packs and special offers. The OTP is valid until midnight of the same day and can be used as many time as your need in any multi-brand recharge outlets.

How to recharge using Vodafone Private Recharge Mode

  • From your Vodafone mobile connection, SMS ‘PRIVATE’ to toll-free number 12604.
  • You will instantly get an OTP which is valid until midnight of the same day.
  • To recharge, share the OTP with the retailer in the recharge outlet instead of your mobile number.
  • In addition, you can use the same OTP multiple time for recharging your mobile in a day.
  • The whole service is free of charge.

Currently, Vodafone Private Recharge Mode is available for subscribers in West Bengal telecom circles. The operator is expected to launch the service in other telecom circles in the coming month.

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