No more jokes, Indian super mega star Rajnikanth’s fan website works without any sort of Internet connection, its run on Rajni power. Nothing is impossible for superstar Rajinikanth, who in his films can stop bullets with bare hands, kill 2-3 people with a single bullet and so on (see his film to believe and become a fan of him).

Just go to All About Rajni a website developed by Webchutney’s creative director Gurbaksh Singh from on the occasion of Rajnikanth’s 61st birthday. Visitors to site is first greeted with a message saying “It runs on Rajni power, the only way to enter this website is by switching off your internet”. That’s right the website will only work once the website has detected that you aren’t connected to the Internet anymore, if your PC is connected to internet then it will show you steps to disconnect the internet. Once the internet get disconnected, the website will let you in and it then takes you through the Biography of Rajnikanth,behind the scenes information from various Rajnikanth’s films and lots of other interesting facts.

All about Rajni Fan website works with No internet Connection

Website designer Gurbaksh Singh said “The unbelievable spectacle of running a website without the internet is a tribute to Rajinikant’s larger than life image. The website has received a phenomenal response and has gone viral with several thousand hits and counting, along with innumerable shares and mentions across the web, especially on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.”

The website is actually based on a complex algorithm running in the back-end that keeps an eye on the propagation of data packets between two terminals. The website was developed after lots of  iterations and testing. A perfect tribute to Rajnikanth in his own style.

LinkAll About Rajni

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