Smartphone, the one thing we can’t live without. Lets explain all about evolution of smartphones and its influence to the consumers using this simple Infographic. By this we get some interesting facts about different smartphones users in the world.

A number of users in United States were identified as adults aging 25-44 years old.  These individuals usually earn higher than those who do not own a smartphone.  They usually can sustain the monthly phone services and were able to maximize its operating system than those who are in age group between 13-17 years old.  Recent study shows that Android reached 25 billion downloads where Apple had the same impact 6 months ago.  Highest global manufacturer is Samsung and followed by ZTE followed by Apple and the rest of the small manufacturers.  The infographic shows that the world already have 1 billion active smartphone users and will only take few years to actually reach another 1 Billion users.  In 2011, there was a spending of $100 Billion on mobile media globally and it continuously rise as many individuals are already able to adjust their other spending like food and accessories as well as their non-phone entertainment desires just to cover up for phone expenses and own a smartphone.

Quick Snap on Smartphone Users in the World By The Number [Infographic]

This Infographic is Co-produced by CouponAudit and Datareign.

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