The biggest cricket tournament of the year – ICC World Cup Twenty20 2016 already in its full swing and the biggest match of all India vs Pakistan is yet to commence. But something different is happening between Indian and Pakistani fans on social media.

Having hard rivalry between India and Pakistan, cricket fans from this two countries has started changing their profile pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But this time, thousands of Indian cricket fans are changing their profile pictures to Pakistani frame to show their support for Pakistan and thousands of Pakistani cricket fans are changing their profile pictures to Indian frame to show their support for India.

 India and Pakistan Cricket Fans joins together to Spread the Message Of Peace

A message to promote love and peace between the people of two great nations and to put a halt of being divided by hate politics. The campaign spreading under the hashtag #ProfilesForPeace was first started by Ram Subramanian from Mumbai which has now gone viral.

#ProfilesForPeace on Facebook

One can change their Facebook Profile picture by going to and choose a side. Some interesting messages from the #ProfilesForPeace hashtag –

Also, you can check page to know how many new friendships between this two countries formed in a day. And at the time of writing, around 18 lakh people from India and Pakistan got connected on Facebook.

#ProfilesForPeace on Twitter

On Twitter, one can change their profile picture in support of two nations or post a tweet with a photo. Here some of the tweets from the #ProfilesForPeace hashtag –

This strong gesture from the common people of this two countries will surely send a clear message to all who are disrupting the peace for their benefits. Hope this initiative will improve relations between India and Pakistan.

Cricket or any sports always unite people and above is a fine example of this. Finally – I am an Indian, I am from Banglore, I don’t hate Pakistan, I am not Alone, There are many People like ‘ME

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