UpdateIt seems the free eBooks offer was a technical glitch from Google and HarperCollins India, so they have reverted the pricing now. Those who have already garbed the eBooks can still enjoy reading it.

We always get exited when there is something up to grab for free, it’s that time now. Soumyadip (@Soumyadip) a popular Indian blogger discovered huge collection of popular eBooks from the publisher HarperCollins India on Google Play store India that you can grab it for free. He has discovered around 40 popular eBooks on Google Play store India that you can read for free,  on any device using the Google Play Books App or directly on web (books.google.co.in).

Some of the popular eBooks that I have read and seems to be very interesting include Amul’s India, The Maruti Story by R C Bhargava, some old bollywood hit film stories like Jaane Bhee Do Yaar and Deewar. Other interesting eBooks that seems to be worth of reading include Controversially Yours by Shoaib Akhtar, I Steve – Steve Jobs In His Own Words by Steve Jobs, Arzee The Dwarf by Chandrahas Choudhary, Potato Chips by Anushman Mohan and soon.

Get Popular eBooks for Free from HarperCollins on Google Play store India

Amit Agarwal from labnol blog and Soumyadip from Cutting the Chai has nicely organized this free eBooks collection with direct links to Google Play store for quick grab. Please note that you may need to add a Credit Card or Debit Card under your Google Wallet account for getting this eBooks.

Here is the complete list of free HarperCollins India eBooks on Google Play store India – 

This seems to be some sort of unannounced promotional offer from Google India, so don’t know the time period till this eBooks will be available for free. So grab it as soon as possible.

Earlier Amazon India during the Indian Kindle e-bookstore launch offered its customers to download one best-selling Kindle Book each day for free.

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