PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the popular online multiplayer battle royale game is now available for mobile devices. The mobile version was published in App Store and Google Play by the Chinese video game company, Tencent games. Even though the mobile version has its own restrictions compared to other platforms, it is still thrilling. We downloaded the Android version of this game and played a few matches.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Gameplay

If you are an avid gamer, you don’t need the intro to PUBG, but for beginners, this is the last man standing survival game. You can play the matches either as solo or duo or with a squad of four. In a match, you have to scavenge for weapons or other items needed for survival and eliminate rest of the players. Moreover, you need to stay in the safe zone and quit running around in open places. The developer has managed to port almost all features present in other platforms to the mobile version.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile
PUBG Mobile Gameplay Experience

Let me share one of the PUBG Mobile match experience on Android. So I chose the squad of four and started the match. Once the game loaded, me, my teammates and other players were spawned on the Erangel island. Soon we all were flying over another island in a plane, I parachuted and managed to land safely near a building. After a bit of scavenging, I equipped myself with some firepower, armour, and medkits.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile game review

While sprinting towards the safe zone, I saw a Jeep, and an idea struck me. I decided to pick up my teammates so that we could fight together. All the squad members are now together, and we slowly advanced towards the safe zone while it was getting smaller. We were doing drive-bys, I ran over a few, and at times we stepped out to take out the enemies. Most of the players we faced were targeting us, but there were some who ran around weirdly acting like bots.

When the play area was small enough, we abandoned the jeep and decided to cover the rest on foot. Our squad sticked together and advanced by crouching and keeping eyes in every direction. Finally. there were only around 10 players left, we took cover beside a rock, and it was then I managed to take a screenshot. It was easy for us to take down the rest, and we were the last men standing after 27 minutes of survival to win the match.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile Gameplay

The PUBG Mobile offers an immersive gameplay with good sound effects. You can form a team from the in the game chat box. During a match the game even allows you to use voice chat. It is always a good idea to use the chat feature and start a match teaming with your friends. However, the presence of bots and lack of depth of field could bother us a bit. So, here are the download links of the game for iOS and android, start PUBGing today. Hope the review was informative, Peace!

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