If you plan to make more online purchases this year, you’re one of the 12% of consumers who have similar ideas. Online shopping is convenient both in terms of time and money savings. With the expectation that online sales will reach the $100 billion mark in 2015, you can bet that many of your friends and family will opt to use the internet for a variety of purchases as well. Numerous shoppers find that price and product researching online is much easier than running from store to store, even if you decide to make a purchase locally. Seventy percent of consumers believe that they’ll find bigger discounts by shopping online, and 72% of internet users made an online purchase in 2011.  Another great way to save online or in a store is by using digital coupons. Whether you type in a savings code or scan a coupon with your smartphone, you’ll find digital couponing is a great way to save money. Put those scissors away and get online. You deserve all the savings you can find! (click on the image to enlarge)

Plan on Shopping Online More This Year?

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