Do you often cancel or postpone your travel bookings? if yes, then Paytm has introduced a new feature that might benefit you. This optional feature under travel bookings lets you claim for full refunds up to 3 hours before scheduled departure. So let’s find out more about this almost free cancellation feature from Paytm.

Flight Ticket Free Cancellation

While booking a flight ticket on Paytm, opt in for the new cancellation feature. However, you have to pay a small fee to avail it. This fee varies depending upon the ticket price and starts as low as Rs 149 for flight tickets. Moreover, only selected flights have this cancellation offer. For every cancellation, the eligible amount will be refunded, but you will not get back the convenience fee and the fee paid for free cancellation.

Paytm Offers Full Refund On Cancelling Bus, Train, And Flight Bookings

So if you have booked for a flight ticket along with the free cancellation. You can cancel the ticket no less than 3 hours before the scheduled departure time of flight and get the full refund. If you cancel the ticket with less than 3 hours of departure left, the refund will be based on the flight operator’s cancellation policy.

Train Ticket Free Cancellation

In the case of Train tickets, the fee paid starts from Rs 9 and varies with ticket price. Also you can cancel tickets upto 12 hours before the scheduled departure. After which the refund amount is based on IRCTC’s cancellation policy. Any convenience fee or other cost incurred by the beneficiary is not refundable. You can avail this feature only for selected trains.

Bus Ticket Free Cancellation

If you are booking tickets for buses, then the free cancellation starts at Rs 9 and increases with ticket price. Adding this policy allows you to cancel tickets up to 6 hours before the scheduled departure. If cancellation is done with less than 6 hours left, the refund will be calculated based on the bus operator’s cancellation policy. As per the terms partial cancellation is not subject to full refunds, you’ve to cancel all tickets under one booking. Moreover, the fee collected for free cancellation and any other losses will not be refunded.


Online travel bookings are not as flexible as one thinks, you can’t just cancel or postpone without paying a penalty. This cancellation penalty is higher for flight tickets costing around Rs 3000, which makes the new free cancellation for travel booking in Paytm a welcome addition. However, by default Paytm selects this for every booking and you have to uncheck it if not necessary. You can also apply promocodes for availing cashbacks to your bookings. Hope the article was informative, Peace!

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