Time to make a small fortune for your future by investing in mutual funds. One97 Communications Limited, the parent company behind India’s leading digital payment service provider Paytm has launched its 4th consumer brand Paytm Money.

Paytm Money, as some of you may know, is a one-stop solution to invest in mutual funds. As Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder and CEO of Paytm say “With Paytm Money we want to democratise and bring Mutual Fund investments to millions of Indians“. Thus you could probably invest in mutual funds just as simple as recharging your mobile phone.

Paytm Money is a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser and plans to offer both investment advisory and execution services. The company aims to become a full-stack investment and wealth management company in the near future. It has partnered with 25 AMCs or Asset Management Companies covering 90 per cent of industry AUM or Assets Under Management.

AMC, as you may know, are companies who invest its clients’ pooled funds into stock markets or securities with financial objectives. Thus you won’t need to directly analyse the whole stock market or need a demat account to invest the money. These fund houses do the research, analyse and invest money in securities on your behalf, thus minimizing the risk and maximise the returns.

Paytm Money launches, the Simplest Mutual Funds Investment Platform

In Paytm Money there is zero distribution fees or commissions on your investment. You are investing in direct plans of Mutual Funds which come with lower expense ratios. Thus you earn more returns for your investment in mutual funds. You could start investing with a lump sum or via (Systematic Investment Plan) SIPs with as little as Rs 100 in some of the schemes.

For investment, Paytm Money support over 190+ banks through Auto-pay e-mandates, physical mandates, digital mandates and NetBanking. It has also tied up with leading rating services like MorningStar, CRISIL and Value Research which could help to ease the investment decision-making process.

The company has also heavily invested in data science and machine learning to analyse individual user’s risk assessment. Thus, it could effectively recommend advisory portfolios and investment recommendations that suit best to them from time to time.

Paytm Money Features
  • Paytm Money – a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser.
  • Direct plans of mutual funds with lower expense ratios due.
  • Zero distribution fees or commissions.
  • Supports 25 AMCs covering 90 per cent of industry AUM.
  • Can start investing with a lump sum or via SIPs with as little as Rs 100.
  • Free recommendations and fund ratings from MorningStar, CRISIL and Value Research.
  • Investment from over 190+ banks through Auto-pay e-mandates, physical mandates, digital mandates and NetBanking.
  • Use of data science and machine learning to analyse individual users risk assessment.
  • Can offer advisory portfolios and investment recommendations.
  • Real-time post investor transactions to AMCs.
  • Faster updates to mutual fund scheme NAVs for each day.
  • Share real-time portfolio insights and real-time reconciliation systems.
Paytm Money Registration and Investment

Paytm Money in the initial stages would be an app-only platform. The app would be available on both Android and iOS devices starting 4th September 2018. Initially, the service would be accepting only 2500+ user registration every day. This would be increased to 10,000+ users daily over the next few weeks. This been done to get feedback and to do app improvements, before finally opening the service to all.

  • Download the Paytm Money mobile app for Android or iOS
  • Log in with your Paytm Credentials (your Paytm e-mail ID or mobile number)
  • KYC verification and Bank validation
    • Enter your PAN card details and check KYC status
    • Submit address proof and other details (for first-time investors)
    • Photo and In-person Verification Video (for first-time investors)
    • Submit your Bank details along with a scanned copy of cancelled cheque or bank statement.
    • Set a nominee and declarations
  • Wait a few hours/days for Paytm to verify the details and once verified account will be activated.
  • Now you could search mutual fund schemes by ratings, ideas, fund managers, AMCs and more. Then invest in any mutual funds.

If you have already signed up for the early access, then you would be informed about access on your registered mobile number or email address. You could even get faster access to Paytm Money if you have completed the fully digital KYC process through the app.

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