Paytm Mall’s Chief Operating Office Amit Sinha today unveiled the Paytm Mall POS (Point Of Sale) system. The new POS system is intended to seamlessly weave online and offline commerce. So let us see how exactly the new Paytm Mall POS system is going help the retail shopkeepers.

Features Of Paytm Mall POS

The first and foremost feature is that the Paytm Mall POS is platform agnostic. This means it can run on a phone, tablet, POS machine, POS handheld, or a laptop. A retail shop with the Paytm Mall POS will also reflect any advantages that a user avails on their e-commerce website. The shopkeeper can also utilize Paytm Mall QR codes to help customers for browsing the products in the offline shop.

Paytm Mall Introduces POS System For Online And Offline Commerce

A regular shopping flow using this POS system can go like this. The buyer obtains the product QR code from the shopfront, billboards or other leaflets. Once the buyer shows the QR code to the shopkeeper, he can either fulfill the order from his inventory or he can get the product from another warehouse connected to the system.

The software of Paytm Mall PoS will be cheaper than others and will be based on a subscription model. It will be cloud-based and platform agnostic.” – Amit Sinha, COO, Paytm Mall.

Thus the system can cause a bump in the sales of such shopkeepers. Adding to it, buyer conversion can also happen due the discount, EMI, and cash back from the Paytm Mall platform. Once the shopkeeper starts getting benefits from the system, Paytm Mall will charge a small cut from the seller’s profit.

The POS software also allows the shopkeeper to track the sales, catalogue, check the stock register, inventory access accounting and vouchers, check buyer list and extensive reports. As said earlier, since the system is platform independent, even a smartphone is enough to utilize it. However, he can always upgrade the POS hardware as he wishes. More features will be added to this platform soon.


Presently there are around 75000 early adopters of the Paytm Mall platform and each such adopters are inviting more shopkeepers to it. Moreover, with the addition of the new POS system, the sales can bump up by 40 to 50 percent. Sinha also said that the POS system can help the buyer to place the order online and pick it up at a store near him. This might reduce the time for order fulfilment and delivery.

Asus Stores With Paytm Mall POS

Asus India has shown interest in adopting the Paytm Mall POS technology to their retail stores. Hence, the platform is set to roll out to all Asus stores in India. In addition, the duo will also set up digital experience zones and 5000 O2O stores. Buyers can experience unique products at these stores and get it delivered from main warehouses with the help of Paytm Mall POS. In another announcement, Asus launched the VivoBook X507 in partnership with Paytm Mall.

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