Do you use food coupons like the Sodexo Meal pass and find it acceptable among only a few selected hotels or restaurants. Also due to its expiry dates, you waste lots of your free food allowance? India’s top digital wallet provider Paytm has come up with the first-of-its-kind service called Food Wallet.

Paytm Food Wallet is part of the Paytm app itself. It allows companies to instantly credit their employee’s Food Wallet with the food allowance of Rs 50 per meal or up to Rs 2,200 per month. The best part is that this food allowance is tax-free, eliminates risks of loss like paper coupons and has no expiry date.

Paytm Food Wallet - Companies can now digitally give out tax-free food allowance to employees

You can use the Paytm Food Wallet among a wide range of online and physical merchants. This includes the merchants and restaurants near your office to KFC, Burger King, Zomato, Pizza Hut, Café Coffee Day and Big Bazaar among others. In addition, you can also get exclusive deals, discounts and cash back when paying via Paytm Wallet.

For employers, they can transfer money to food wallets of employees based anywhere in the country. Also, they are free from any hassles of procuring, handling and distributing bulky coupons and cards. They can opt for a daily, monthly or quarterly payout option.

Paytm Food Wallet Features

  • You can get your tax-free food allowance directly on Paytm Food Wallet.
  • Food credit is digital and eliminates risks of loss.
  • Food wallet credit will never expire.
  • Companies can instantly transfer money to food wallets of employees based anywhere in the country.
  • Food Wallet balance can be used at the grocery store, supermarket, fast food joint, fine dining restaurant etc.

You can find your Food Wallet balance under the ‘Passbook’ option on your Paytm app. If you are looking to find the closest food outlet where you can spend the money, then use the ‘nearby’ feature on the Paytm app. Note that Food Wallet balance is valid only for payments related to food and beverages. So you can use that money at the grocery store, supermarket, restaurants, or even a pub.

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