We heavily depend on our state-run local transport buses to travel around the city and for intracity travels. During this COVID-19 pandemic, we need to be extra careful and vigilant while using this medium. One of the main areas were there is some personal interaction happening is the ticket buying and exchange of liquid cash. To entirely avoid this situation and to promote safe travel across public transport buses, Paytm has launched contactless bus ticket buying facility.

Paytm is combining its QR-code based payment service along with its Soundbox device for a complete contactless bus ticket buying facility in state-run public transport buses.

Paytm contactless ticketing facility

Paytm contactless ticketing

So how does it work? While boarding a state-run public transport bus, you could find Paytm QR-codes at various convenient locations. Like in behind each seat or in top of the side window. You could use Paytm app (or even other UPI based apps like PhonePe or Google Pay) to scan the QR code and make payments for tickets. This Paytm QR-code would accept all types of digital payments including Paytm Wallet, Credit cards, Debit cards and UPI.

There would be a Paytm Soundbox device (a small connect speaker) installed on the bus driver’s dashboard. Once you make the payment, the Paytm Soundbox will alert the driver and conductor of the payment received. The device will output the amount received, every time someone pays for a bus ticket. Thus there is no need for the conductor to check their phone for SMS or payment notifications. Once the payment has been confirmed conductor can issue a bus ticket for your journey.

So, there is no liquid cash or money exchange by hand, and you would be having a much safer ride and could follow all social distancing norms in these buses.

Paytm is already in talks with twenty state transport departments of different states like KSRTC, DTC, BEST, Punjab Roadways, CTU and OSRTC for installing the contactless ticketing facility. The company has already started piloting the project in Tamil Nadu where the service has been launched, in Chennai in association with the Metropolitan Transport Corporation.

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