I faced this problem when my UPS started to fail providing less backup. I was engaged in playing “Metro Last Light” in my Windows 7 PC, all of a sudden, the power flashed and my UPS tripped ruining my gameplay, I cursed the energy company and turned on my PC. When the PC booted back, I was shocked to find that a partition of my hard disk is inaccessible. I tried almost all repairs with the retail Windows 7 disk, but in vain. After playing with several disk repair tools, I found a solution and everything was back to normal.


A partition of the hard disk in Windows 7 PC became inaccessible after power outage. The partition is listed in the disk management as RAW and it prompts for formatting when accessed. Accessing the partition makes the system sluggish and the error seems to be irreparable even withe OS retail disk.

Partition lost or damaged in Windows 7 on power failure [SOLVED]


1. Download a copy of the MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition.

2. Install the software and run the program.

3. When the Wizard opens you will find the damaged partition in the disk map in the bottom by default.

4. Select the partition in the disk map, right click the partition and select check file system.

5. Select the second option, check and fix detected errors.

6. Once the wizard finishes repairing, go to my computer and try to access the partition. If the repair was a success you will be able to access the partition otherwise, repeat the repair.

Similar disk and partition errors can be repaired with the same tool mentioned above. Related issues will be discussed in other posts.

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