As we were celebrating our Independence Day on August 15th, our neighbor Pakistan has launched a massive cyber attack on Indian Government websites, telecom operators websites and even in an attempt to retrieve secretive data, hacked and installed malware on BSNL’s databases. The attack seems to be done by individual hacker groups in Pakistan, but their been report of a coordinating body the Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) involved in all this cyber attacks.

MTNL Mumbai website Hacked

The latest victim on the series of cyber attack is the state-owned telecom operator Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) Mumbai, whose website ( was full hacked and content were replaced with a message. The hack was carry down by a Pakistani hacker groupMr.Creepy‘ who leaved a message that says “Mr.Creepy Was Here. Napsters CrEw. Happy Independence Day Pakistan. Greets: SEEKER, Dr.FREAK, MKHAN SWATI, And All Pakistani Hackers“.

MTNL Mumbai Website Hacked by Pakistan

Along with the message they have posted a photo where the anonymous symbol signalling expletives to Indian soldiers (fully Photoshopped photo) and also provided a link the hackers Facebook page, which provide more information on the hacking. On the Facebook page the hacker has provided some links to Indian website which includes Pune Traffic Police ( and Janwani ( that was also hacked in the recent times.

Officials from MTNL Mumbai has now taken down the website and investigating on the attack.

ISI planted malware in BSNL’s Database

According to various reports Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) have carried down an operation to hack into Govt owned BSNL‘s network and planted malware on some important databases. As you may be aware that BSNL is the backbone of India’s telecom network, with almost all Govt organizations relaying on them for internet and telecom connectivity.

Posing as Major Vijay from Indian Army headquarters, Pakistani intelligence officers had called up a BSNL employee in February this year, and followed it up by email communication with the staffer to obtain critical information. The home ministry is of the view that this email communication led to the ISI successfully installing malware on BSNL’s networks, and this may have “contaminated the telco’s computer systems and compromised the integrity and security of the system” says a report published by Mint.

Indian home ministry is worried that the malware planted may enable Pakistan’s ISI to identify and access communication links of sensitive organizations. In addition this malware will enable Pakistan to remotely monitor BSNL’s networks and operations, even shutting the network entirely down.

The hack has been a very important case for Indian officials as BSNL and MTNL are also operating and maintaining the secure network that they are currently building to link all government departments in the country.

Other Indian Website Hacks

During the Independence Day various Pakistani hacker groups, including Pakistani Cyber Army, Pakistan Cyber Eaglez, Pakhtun and xL3gi0nHackers has declared a Cyber attack against India. The hack are being targeted against Indian government, military and various Govt affiliate private business websites.

According to a report from Jagran “a Pakistani group named ‘Hasman Hackers’ has hacked around 72 websites including 49 Kanpur based sites.

In response Indian Cyber Army and various other Indian hacker groups has come together to hack down various Pakistani websites, with recently hacking down Pakistan’s official military website.

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