Here comes the Pac-Man to your city streets to evade from his ghostly enemies. Google has comes with an astonishing April fool prank (some say Easter Egg) that transform your city street on Google Maps to the good old Pac-Man game.

The fun begins when a user turns any part of a city to ghosty city streets. The roads turn to track with the yellow Pac-Man trying to evade his ghostly enemies. You can simply control the Pac-Man with arrow keys on a computer or by swiping up, down, left and right on mobile to change direction. The game comes with all classic addons like five lives, power pellets that when eaten gets you power to attack the ghosts back. Play more and collect maximum points, which you can share with your friends on social networks.

Pac-Man comes to your City Streets with Google Maps April Fool Prank

To quickly get into action search for “qutub minar” on Google Maps and click on the Pac-Man map flag icon. Or navigate to a place on Google map where you want to start your game and click the Pac-Man pin on the map. If you still can’t find the Pac-Man pin then check the bottom left for a Pac-Man link.

Google Maps Pac-Man game will work on any modern browser on your computer and also on the latest version of Google Maps for mobile app (Android and iOS).

As a bonus on April Fool’s day, Google introduced Google Panda – an voice enabled search that’s engineered with state of the art emotional and conversational intelligence.

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