Ever try to listen to the exclusive contents on Spotify or Pandora? bump the service has not yet launched in your country. Or just say you want to access a website blocked in your country.

Well now, Opera has come to your help. The company has launched its Opera VPN app for android devices, which allow you to browse your favorite websites, apps, and services that are blocked in your region. The best part, the app is 100 percent free, requires neither a log-in nor a subscription and has no data limits.

Those who don’t know much about VPN (virtual private network), then using a VPN allows you to change your IP to a remote geographical location and then securely browse websites that are otherwise blocked in your region.

Opera bring Free VPN with No Data limits on Android

Opera VPN app has got built-in ad tracker blocker that stops advertisers from following you around the web. In addition, all web traffic from your mobile including browsing sections and app usage will be fully encrypted.

Currently, Opera offers five VPN server location – USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore and The Netherlands. But it’s best to allow the app to automatically choose the closest location.

In addition to the free VPN, the app also comes with a Wi-Fi security test tool, that can check your WiFi connection (mostly if you are connected to a public WiFi) for any weakness in security. The results are shown as a score from A, which means the network is secure, to F, which means the network is insecure and must use the VPN.

Opera VPN features

  • Access blocked websites and apps.
  • Five virtual locations to choose from (more coming soon).
  • Built-in ad tracker blocker.
  • No data limit.
  • Wi-Fi security test tool for online privacy
  • 100% free service.

Opera VPN can be downloaded directly from Google Play store. Do note that Opera VPN is already available for iOS device via itunes store and Opera desktop browser (on beta channel).

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