Following it’s development path to revamp the browser with open source Chromium, ditching its own Presto engine, Opera has released brand new beta version of its popular desktop browser, which is now known as ‘Opera Next‘ for Windows and Mac. With a bunch of new features and elegant new design, that will make your browsing experience sleeker and easier than ever.

The main highlight goes to the revamped Speed Dial, Stash and Discover features. Speed Dial the shortcuts start page has been redesigned visually and can now be organized in folders and filtered, which makes exploring web content easier and smarter. Stash a nifty way to store pages temporarily, by hitting the heart icon in the address bar, which allows you to collect the websites you want to compare easily while shopping, or to keep your travel research on hotels etc. Discover features the usual content discovery just like Flipboard or Google Currents, with 13 different content categories across more than 30 languages.

Opera unveils Chromium Powered 'Next' Browser for Windows and Mac

In addition to all this in the new browser you can search directly from the new combined address and search bar just like on Google Chrome. You can enter a search term on the address bar and choose one of several search engines to look for suggested websites. It will also features the famous Opera Turbo, which will be now called ‘Off-Road mode‘ that now supports SPDY protocol and enables loading webpages faster, even in the toughest of network conditions.

Try it out, the Opera Next which is available for free download on both Windows and Mac.

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