You’ve got videos. And, you want people (customers, end-users, friends) to be able to watch them wherever they want. Any browser, any mobile device. Yes , now you can upload your videos and get a single url which can serve it on multiple devices and web browsers including the latest HTML5. A new service from comes ( currently in private beta), a service which not only encodes the videos in all the required formats for you, also detects the platform of the user requesting the video and serves the appropriate version from a high quality content delivery network and the best part it all comes for FREE.

Today`s innovative world of smart phones, tablets, and HTML5 browsers has made it challenging for all of us to publish a video that can be watched anywhere and everywhere. Different devices and browsers require different video codecs and screen sizes require a video to be converted into to many different formats and sizes. With you simply give your video and it will give you back a universal video url that will play your video absolutely everywhere.

Here is how it works from

  • You tell us where your source video is (FTP/Amazon S3, Rackspace CloudFiles, or Upload from your HD)
  • We transcode and store your video into over a dozen video formats and sizes We return to you send you a short url for your video (e.g
  • When a user visits a url we automatically detect the device or browser type and deliver the correctly formatted video from a high quality CDN network.

The service hopes to save you both time and bandwidth, and improve the overall experience of your videos. You simply give or upload them your video and they give you back a universal video url that will play your video absolutely everywhere. The URL of the service being already short ( ), and with massive social media integration a new revolution in Online Video is beginning. As its comes out of the beta lots of users will be using it and you will see it everywhere, on twitter,facebook,emails everywhere.

Check out the video overview of the service.

Currently its in private beta, is offered as a free service which has now a file sizes are limited to 1GB and profiles cannot be adjusted.

It is accepted in few months, a professional version, Pro, will become available. Pro won’t have the file size limitations; instead, it will let users customize encoding profiles and will support many more formats and devices and lots more features.


So, guys if you are interested to try it out we got a Exclusive invitation code for you all.


To sign up, simply go to and enter the code , which will enable the users to try out the beta, upload videos and also invite others to join.  Don’t forgot to post your feedback on using it .

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