Until now you end up getting multiple bills, one for broadband, another for DTH and yet another for your mobile connection. You would need to remember each one these bills due date and pay in time. Tedious work to do on each month. Well, if you’re with India’s largest telecom operator Bharti Airtel, then you could now have peace of mind. The telco has introduced Airtel Home, a new service that enables bundling of multiple Airtel services into one.

Airtel Home, touted as India’s first Quad-Play platform allows you to unify multiple Airtel services. You could bundle Airtel’s broadband (and fixed line), Airtel digital TV and Airtel postpaid mobile connection as a single account and manage through a unified interface on My Airtel app. Basically, you could get a unified bill for all these services, instead of getting multiple bills.

One Home, One Bill with Airtel Home

In addition to getting liberated from the hassle of making multiple payments across multiple bill cycles for different Airtel connections within the family, you would also get additional benefits. This includes premium customer support for any queries or issues you have with any of these services. Also, there is a discount of up to 10 per cent on the unified bill. Well, it depends upon the number of Airtel connection you have and bundled into one.

Airtel Home features
  • Unified bill for all Airtel services – home broadband (and fixed line), postpaid mobile and digital TV.
  • Can bundle multiple Airtel connections from any location in the country.
  • Manage multiple Airtel services through a unified interface on My Airtel app.
  • Access to premium customer care.
  • Get up to 10 percent discount on the unified bill based on the number of connections bundled.
How to get started with Airtel Home

If you have multiple Airtel service at home like Broadband and Postpaid mobile connection then you could avail the Airtel Home service.

  • Download My Airtel App from Google Play store or Apple iOS store.
  • Click on the ‘Airtel Home’ banner from the top section.
  • Then, add your Airtel broadband connection as the primary account and add all your other Airtel connections like postpaid mobile, and digital TV as add-on accounts.
  • You would now need to validate the added accounts and agree to pay the unified bill of all the accounts.
  • Done! your Airtel Home is now created. You should now able to manage and pay bills of all your accounts on the My Airtel App.
  • You will also get both summary and individual connection wise bills.

Airtel Home is part of the companies digital innovation program – Project Next. It’s being currently being piloted for Airtel home broadband customers in Hyderabad. Within the next few weeks, the company plans to roll out the solution across India.

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