This April fool’s day tech companies are going wild in making their customer run for their laugh. Starting from the mighty online shopping destination Amazon with their ‘Dash button’, BuzzKiller from FreeCharge, Ola Air from Olacabs and more exciting pranks to fall in. Don’t forgot to play the Pac-Man on Google Maps.

Ola Air from Olacabs

Time to fly high, never get late from a traffic jam. OlaCabs introduces Ola Air ( – a chopper service that would take you to anywhere for just Rs 499 per hour. You can book the servie from the Ola app just like booking a taxi or an auto. Other features include real-time tracking of your helicopter ride, full pilot details and door-to-door pickup (make sure you leave space on your backyard for the chopper to land)

BuzzKiller from Freecharge

Get rid of the dangerous mosquitoes that buzz through your ears. Freecharge has come up with Buzz Kill ( an innovative app that helps you to creates a mosquito free zone. So how it works? The HeatMapper scans your area (around 5 meter radius only) and counts the number of mosquitoes around you by noting their heat signatures. To create a mosquito free zone the app sends out spherical sound waves that mimics a Dragonfly’s wing beat frequency. Cool is it.

As always with Freecharge, you can get free recharge credits by chasing away the mosquitoes.

Amazon Dash button & other innovative products

Amazon has come up with ‘Dash Button‘ that allows its customers to order any products by push of a button. This buttons are brand specific and for that company has tied up with Tide, Huggies and Gillette. You can place the dash button any part of your home connected to Amazon app through WiFi. When you are running low of any products, simply press the button and Amazon will take the order and quickly ships the product right to your door steps.

Other cool products from Amazon India include the Biovap Mark III ( – a Bio-Waste dis-integrator build from micro-jet propellant and helps to effectively manage your household wastes. In addition it also work as an air freshener from the waste. Quick Clean ( – an instant dry cleaner, Lucld ( – an dream analyzer wrist band that analyse and moderate sleep patterns along with in-depth REM analysis (don’t ask what’s REM).

And finally, an initiative from Amazon to sustain exotic wildlife( Buy joining hands with global wildlife conservation societies Amazon will sell the world’s most rare species of chameleons. Grab it before it sells out.

MS-DOS for Lumia smartphones

Reinvent your smartphone, Microsoft has launched MS-DOS for your Lumia smartphones. Loading this app will take your smartphone back to the DOS era, where everything works with command codes. You can simply type c:\programs\phone and internet.exe or maps.exe to launch relevant apps on your smartphone. Try it out by downloading the MS-DOS from Windows Phone store.

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