If you’re crazy waiting to play VR games or explore the opportunities via VR applications, without hitting hard on pocket then Facebook-owned Oculus is launching the next generation of VR products at an affordable price tag.

The company is working with Chinese vendor Xiaomi as its hardware partner to built Oculus Go, the standalone VR headset. There is also a Chinese market exclusive VR headset called Mi VR Standalone headset. Well, we go with the Oculus Go which will be available globally, including in India.

Oculus Go, the standalone VR headset to be built by Xiaomi

The Oculus Go is a standalone VR headset, means you won’t require an expensive computer hardware or a powerful Graphics card to run it. Also, you won’t need a high-end smartphone like the Google Cardboard replicas. The VR headset comes bundled everything you need to run those immersive VR games and application.

Oculus Go will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Mobile VR Platform, the same chip you would find in the first generation Google Pixel or OnePlus 3T. It boasts a WQHD LCD screen that brings the 3D graphics from the virtual world to life. The lenses offer a better wide field of view with a significantly reduced glare. They also have integrated spatial audio, with speakers built right into the headset. It will run on Oculus Platform SDK, so developers can work on it to built content for the platform.

Currently, for VR contents the Oculus Go can run all the Gear VR titles. You could also watch TV Shows and movies from Netflix, or watch those immersive videos on Facebook 360. There are thousands of other VR apps and games to explore.

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