With Nokia Asha mobile devices selling high in market, Nokia extends its Premium Developer Program for Asha full touch Developers in an effort to build more apps for the platform. With this Program, developers are can enjoy a number of benefits which help them in maximizing their productivity and aid in promoting their app.

Nokia opens Premium Developer Program for Asha full touch Developers

The program follows the Premium Developer Program for Lumia, which was launched late last year and is proving to be a great success with thousands of apps being developed for Lumia devices. The program has two tiers of benefits, with enhanced productivity tool that offers developers with a free Nokia Asha 310 smartphone for development, along with expanded remote device access to test apps on a wide range of different Nokia Asha Devices and free tech tickets for Asha development support which is valued around $198 USD. The app promotion opportunities include greater visibility and promotion of apps on the Nokia Store along with credit worth $500 USD to run paid ad campaigns on the Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX) and access to more than 120 advert networks worldwide.

One of the big advantage of this program is that the membership for Asha Nokia Premium Developer Program is free. But developers applying for the program should meet certain criteria which include for free stage-one productivity membership, developers must provide links to two existing apps they have developed and published on any mobile platform. To access stage-two app promotion tools, developers need to create and publish a new Java or web app for full touch Asha smartphones, and some pre-defined quality criteria need to be met which can be found here.

With this program we can except developers to build more quality app for Nokia Asha devices.

SourceNokia Premium Developer Program for Asha

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