Do you feel risk losing or unaccepted damages on you favorite mobile phones, Now no more. India’s leading phone manufacturer Nokia has partnered with the New India Assurance (NIA) Ltd wholly owned Government of India, to offer consumers with a comprehensive mobile handset insurance plan helping to prevent the risks of mobile handsets loss and damage resistance.

Nokia Phones in India to get Insured with New India Assurance Partnership

Customers buying mobile handsets from Nokia retail outlets will be benefited from this handset insurance plan offering protection aganist thefts, burglary, malicious acts, riots, among others, as well as damage that is beyond the purview of the consumer’s standard warranty. Nokia customers will get their mobile handset insured from

  • Third party risk of violence resulting in injury or equipment theft
  • Accidental damage to internal and external components.
  • Damage caused by external influences on the device because of dripping and / or other deliberate action by a third-party.
  • Random fluid by internal circuits offensive damage caused by external influences
  • Loss of house break-through tool.
  • Device loss of riots, strikes and other malicious acts by
  • Stealing your device is locked or unattended buildings, premises or vehicle

Nokia and New India Assurance (NIA) Ltd will be offering following value added services to its customers –

  • Free pickup and drop services in six cities, namely, Delhi and NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai Hyderabad and Kolkata. This includes free stolen (within 24 hours of the call registration), and drops the device in case the injury or loss or theft of documents. In the event of theft upon the consumer will have to submit a written report to the police authorities and report the loss to the SIM from your network provider about which a receipt is submitted.
  • Cashless service allows the applicant to submit the application on the device to the nearest authorized service center in touch with the application process. If the damage is within the competence of insurance, repairs become necessary, and must be returned to the consumer.
  • Standby equipment and chargers during the transition period, customers will receive a standby handsets and chargers.

To make things more affordable, the insurance plan starts with a minimal fees of Rs 50, which will be around 1.25% of the purchase value of the unit cell. To avail this insurance plan, new buyers of mobile phones from a Nokia branded retail stores have to give some personal information and receive a certificate of insurance, a report and a payment receipt in the store as well. The insurance plan will be available from today March 14 2013, for all Nokia device through Nokia Branded Retail outlets across the country, initially in Delhi and National Capital Region, Jaipur, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Cochin.

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