Nokia Maps one of the best navigation services, which most of you have used on your Nokia devices has made its way to iOS and Android devices not as app instead a HTML5-based web service. It has some of the coolest features added to its list voice-guided, turn-by-turn walk navigation service. Now users will able to search for places, share them with friends and get walk, drive and public transport directions from on iOS and Android devices.

Nokia Maps Comes to iOS and Android Devices With Voice Navigation

To use the voice-guided, turn-by-turn walk navigation service users first need to loaded up the Nokia Maps page, the device will ask if it’s OK to access the location (basically enabling location tracking/GPS), for precise mapping and routing users need to accept this. Nokia Maps provides navigation support using inbuilt separate sets of directions for users who are driving, walking or using public transport. There are also voice/audio directions available, which is only offered when users are on foot.  For using voice navigation service Nokia Maps will ask you if you want to use audio directions for your journey by loading an audio file of nearly 2MB. Because mobile version of Nokia maps has been designed for urban use, the voice navigation only works for journeys on foot.

Nokia Maps for iOS and Android Devices with Audio Navigation service
Nokia Maps for iOS and Android Devices with Audio Navigation service

So if you are interested you can use these great features on your non-Nokia smartphones, navigate to in your mobile device’s browser. It works on most of the iPhone, iPad or Android devices available. Have you tired the new Nokia maps, do tell your views using it.

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