Forgot about those ads showing 41 megapixels stunning camera in Lumia 1020, HD displays and every high-end stuff with Nokia Lumia smartphones, because in India only Lumia 520 exists and rules the Windows Phone market. The affordable Nokia Lumia 520 is the only hot selling Windows Phone in India with its 43.4% market share, says a report from AdDuplex.

AdDuplex report give more insight on the market share of each Windows Phone 8 handset, and compares it to that of Windows Phone 7. According to WP Central, Nokia Lumia 520 dominates the entire Windows Phone (WP8) market worldwide. With high-end Lumia devices like Lumia 920, 1020, and 1520 having only a marginal share in WP8 market.

Nokia Lumia 520 saves Windows Phone Face in India - captures 43.4% of WP8 market

In India Lumia 520 clearly rules the Windows Phone market dominating 43.4% of the market, followed by Lumia 720 at 12.7% market share, Lumia 620 at 9.3% market share and Lumia 800 the least popular one, accounting for only 2.7% of of WP market share.

Nokia is the only major Windows Phone vendor holding 90% of all Windows Phone devices out there, followed by HTC in second position with 7% of the market, while Samsung and Huawei having only 1.8% and 1.3% market share respectively. It fully revels why Microsoft want to take over Nokia, because if Nokia moves out Windows ecosystem then Microsoft is doomed with their Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 8 Vendor Market share

According to the report Windows Phone 7.x OS is still on 24.7% of all Windows Phone devices, while Windows Phone 8 is on 75.3%. WP7 seems to be an experiment release from Microsoft, as it has now no one to support.

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