Nokia integrates its immersive augmented reality feature LiveSight to HERE Map service, bridging the virtual and real worlds. HERE Maps with LiveSight uses smartphone’s camera viewfinder to provide an augmented reality overlay view of buildings and instantly highlights places of interest like shops, restaurants and other interesting places.

Nokia Lumia smartphone users may already using this feature on Nokia City Lens as it’s the first application providing a LiveSight-enabled experience. LiveSight provides 3D sight interface of buildings that are detected by Nokia’s collection technologies with high accuracy and feeling of depth. With the line of sight view only POIs in sight are displayed eliminating other crowded information. It also saves a live view to inspect the city without having to hold the camera pointed at the target.

Nokia HERE Map gets integrated with LiveSight Augmented Reality feature

HERE uses sight navigation as a new way to discover and find your way through the world and LiveSight uses sight to recognize and identify places around you simply, by looking around through your phone’s display.

In HERE Maps, LiveSight allows you to pinpoint exactly where you’re going just by looking. Just open HERE Maps, tap the LiveSight icon and pan around. LiveSight reveals shops, restaurants and your favourite places as virtual signs on buildings right on your screen. With LiveSight you can ‘see’ the place you’re looking for, and know which way you need to walk, even in crowded areas.” says Pino Bonetti on official Nokia blog.

LiveSight integration with HERE Maps works completely offline and its available for smartphones running Windows Phone 8 OS.

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