Nokia showcased a future Kinetic Device prototype with a Flexible OLED Display at Nokia World event 2011. This prototype gadget that lets you browse, scroll, select and zoom by literally bending the device itself. It comes with a large touchscreen slate phone but you could bend it to scroll through the content of the mobile phone. So, simply bending it from the center will help zoom in and out of the screen. Scrolling along the music and photos can be done by bending the phone from the corners.

Nokia Flexible kinetic device prototype mobile Phone
Nokia Flexible kinetic device prototype mobile Phone

Well it may have many advantages like this flexible kinetic device can do many thing that capacitive touchscreens cannot do. Also as the device can have physical movement, it can be used without even looking into it. The downside is that you have to use both hands to work on it and  with far too much effort being required to flex the device compared to simply tapping on the screen.

It still a prototype device from Nokia, so we can accept more amazing features in the near future.

Do comment your views on it.

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