Seriously an awesome Diwali gift from India Govt, according to the New Telecom Policy unveiled by union communications/telecom minister Kapil Sibal, there will be NO roaming charges and users will be allowed to port their mobile numbers, keeping the same number, even while switching service areas, ie; this will provide an option of keeping the same numbers while changing operators when users shift to other states.

“Achieve One Nation – full Mobile Number Portability and work towards one nation – free roaming, is one of objectives of the Draft National Telecom Policy 2011. It is now imperative to move towards convergence between telecom, broadcast and IT services, networks, platforms, technologies and overcome the existing segregation of licensing, registration and regulatory mechanisms in these areas to enhance affordability, increase access, delivery of multiple services and reduce cost,”  said Union Minister of Communications and Information, Kapil Sibal, on Monday unveiling the new telecom policy documents.

The roaming charges has being steadily coming down, as Tata Docomo making it free recently ( in some places they are charging 1ps/2sec ), but other operators continue to charge for outgoing and incoming calls at a rate of Rs1.50+up for outgoing and Rs1+up for incoming calls. Also SMS sending charges where also too high while on roaming.

There is also chances that telecom operators might oppose this new policy of free roaming due to losses in huge revenue they are getting and they may even hike the STD rates to compensate the loss.

Anyway this seems to be a great gift from India Govt and for a frequent traveler like me, this would really help in saving some bucks.

Do tell what you feel about this new changes by Govt  ?

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