One of the best cross-platform free messaging and call app Nimbuzz reaches 150 millions users worldwide and out of it around 25 million users are from India, that’s a quarter of the entire mobile Internet population of India.

Nimbuzz reaches150 millions users worldwide, 25 million of them are Indians

Majority of its user base lies in Asia where it has around 60% of the 150 millions users. Asia  account for 78 million users including middle east, followed by Africa with 16 million users, Europe with 10 million users and USA with 9 million users. Nimbuzz announced 100% year-over-year growth rate for its apps on mobile and PC. Its major milestone include hitting 50 million users in 2011 and from their doubling its user base to reach 100 million in 2012 and 150 million users till march 2013. According to Nielsen India Ranking Nimbuzz lies in the top 4 consumer brands in India beating out Google, Facebook and Youtube.

According to CEO Vikas Saxena Nimbuzz’s appeal to users lies in the fact that it is a “single platform capable of handling immense amounts of data for little or no cost at all.”

One of the great features of Nimbuzz messaging app is that, its availability in multiple platform including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry and J2M mobile platforms and Windows and Mac computer platforms. Nimbuzz support around 5,000 devices worldwide and out of it Android devices account for more than 35% of all active and new users. Users are making around 1 billion calling minutes per month using Nimbuzz P2P, NimbuzzOut and SIP and more than 102 billion messages sent and received per month. Here goes a infographics from Nimbuzz explaining the facts –

Nimbuzz reaches150 millions users worldwide infographics

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