To write in a foreign language especially English is a difficult task if you are not a native English-speaking person, even for an experienced author. Problems include choosing the right word or preposition in a given context, finding a wording which is commonly used, and avoiding the use of grammatical forms which reflect the author’s native language.

The Netspeak Web service assists authors to overcome these issues by using the World Wide Web as a source of common language. The service can be queried with short text phrases to determine their customariness on the Web. Wildcard characters can be added to the query to search for variations and synonyms of the query phrase, which will be returned as ranked list with respect to their occurrence frequency on the Web.

Netspeak - Search Engine to Assists your Writing

While searching on Netspeak its shows how commonly a word is used on the internet, their trends, percentage of usage etc. It will also provide example on how a phrase can be used, which seems to be a helpful tool to check relevance of the words we are using. It seems a really helpful tool when you are looking for some new ways to using a word.

Do try it and let us know your views on it.


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