If you live in Mumbai, then you are gettings the fastest 4G LTE connections in India. With an average download speed of 6.9 Mbps, Mumbai has topped the LTE speed rankings on OpenSignal, a company that offers insight into the coverage and performance of Mobile Operators worldwide.

OpenSignal has been working on its first ever mobile network report for India. As a sneak peak, the company has released a report on 4G LTE speed and availability tests in India’s biggest cities over three months period. If you are interested in contributing to the study then you can download the OpenSignal app or Meteor app.

Some key insights from the OpenSignal report

  • With a averaged LTE download speeds of 6.9 Mbps, Mumbai came out on top of the speed test ranking.
  • Kolkata ranked second in the LTE speed with 6.5 Mbps, whereas Hyderabad in the third position with 5.5 Mbps. Other cities in the list include Bengaluru, Pune, Jaipur, Delhi, Chennai and Surat.
  • Gujarati metropolis Ahmedabad ranked lowest with a speed score of 3.9 Mbps.
  • Note that typical LTE download speed globally is 17.4 Mbps and many countries are pushing that beyond 30 Mbps.
Average LTE Connection Speed in India's 10 metro cities - OpenSignal
  • On 4G availability measurements which measure the proportion of time user can access a particular network, Gujarat’s major cities Surat and Ahmedabad topped the result.
  • Users in Surat recorded having LTE signal 85.9 percent of the time. Whereas Ahmedabad has an LTE availability of 84.5 percent.
  • Nine of the ten cities in the top availability chart have a score above 75 percent.
LTE Availability in India's  ten metro Cities - OpenSignal

Indian operators appear to be doing an excellent job making LTE consistently accessible in the big cities,” said Kevin Fitchard, OpenSignal. “In India’s cities, the LTE signals are there, but they’re still underpowered“.

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