With election heat over the head, Young Indian’s are flooding to the social media to express their views on political parties and politicians. Eyeing on this one of India’s pure CDMA telecom provider MTS India has partnered with Social Samosa, a social media analytic portal to launch the MTS Election Tracker – a real-time interactive dashboard that showcases analysis of all conversations happening on the social media mainly Twitter and Facebook, about political parties and politicians.

The MTS election tracker (MTS/election tracker) offers real-time analysis of political parties and politicians by collecting data across the web as well as social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube, thus giving tech savvy users in the country a sense of the current political discourse in the country.

MTS brings Live Interactive Election Tracker - Analysing Social Media Conversations

MTS Election Tracker also evaluates how each parties is engaging with their followers and the sentiments associated with them. This data offers an in-depth insight about the social media presence of political parties.

“ MTS Election tracker is perhaps a one-stop address for anyone who wants to have a a sense of the current political discourse in the country.” said Amitesh Rao, Director Brand & Media – MTS India.

Some of the interesting results we saw at the MTS election tracker include –

  • AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has got the most negative mentions on social media platforms with around 22.89% and has the lowest percentage of engagement by followers on Twitter and Facebook.
  • On the other hand BJP’s Narendra Modi has got only 9.17% negative mentions on social media and Rahul Gandhi with 5.92%. Think to be noted that Rahul Gandhi has Zero engagement with followers in Twitter and Facebook.
  • While checking the stats of Political parties, Aam Aadmi Party got the highest mentions on social media platforms, but around 17% of them where negative.
  • BJP rules the Facebook and YouTube with its 3.6million Facebook followers and 5 lakh YouTube followers, but AAP controls the Twitter and Google+ with its 6 lakh Twitter followers and 1.9 lakh Google + followers.

Earlier Google India revamped its Bilingual Indian Election Portal that adds Pledge to Vote, Political Trends and YouTube Hub. On the other hand Facebook partnered with Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) to offer Know Your Neta’ USSD based service that provides voters with up-to-date candidates’ information to help them make a correct decision on who will rule the country.

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