Motorola has made an incredible comeback. The American Manufacturer was at one point of time all but beat and pinned down on the mat by competitors like Samsung, Apple, Sony and even LG. After being acquired by the tech behemoth that is Google, the company that was synonymous with the rise of mobile technology in North America has seen a huge resurgence in its popularity. A major chunk of this is due to some great phones being put out into the market (Nothing beats a quality product). Now, with a firm footing established and the comeback nearly a home-run, there are expectations on the company to deliver for the first time in a long time. The X1 fulfilled those; it was Motorola’s come back hit. With a firm footing established and with Google backing, the company plans to scale new heights in the coming year. We preview the successor to the X1 that could be launched in India soon.

Motorola X+1/X2 – The Successor to the X1 Could Release Soon

Moto X+1/X2

The X1 was a huge hit not only in India, but in pretty much every market it was released on. Online retailers would frequently put up the dreaded sign of any purchaser ‘Out of Stock,’ and that along with the rave reviews the phone got just goes to show how far Motorola has come. The X1 was built on a solid foundation of optimized design, hardware & a fast processor.

The successor to this popular device has been called the X+1 or even the X2; we’re not sure what Motorola will christen it as, but it sure seems to be a great phone on paper at least. We’re expecting Motorola to make an announcement on the release date soon, and with numerous tech bloggers and websites carrying stories of the phone & its specs being leaked, an official announcement from the company would be a great thing at this point of time.

Key Specifications

The phone is expected to have a 5.2-inch Full HD AMOLED display. This will obviously have Gorilla Glass which’d make it scratch resistant. The pixel resolution is expected to be in the region of 1080 x 1920 which means this will be a Full HD display.

The phone is expected to be powered by a Snapdragon 800 2.3 GHz processor with 2GB of RAM and run on an latest Android operating system. There’s no word yet on memory specifications but we do expect this phone to be no slouch in this area and also come with a Micro SD slot. A 12 MP primary camera along with at least a 2MP front one is what we think Motorola would go with.


The X+1 or X2, at least on paper and by judging the rumour mills doing the rounds has set quite high expectations. The X1 didn’t have those; but, with its success come expectations on Moto to deliver for the first time in the long time. Looking over at some of the specifications though, Motorola seems set on the right course to replicate the X1’s success.

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