The mid-range revolutionary smartphone from Motorola, the Moto G faces network activation problem in India on some units which were recently sold by Flipkart. According to Motorola a batch of Moto G have been shipped with IMEI numbers that are not yet registered with Indian network carriers and due to this the device can’t access the carrier network when you try to put a SIM on the device.

According to the company the issue has been due to a programming error on their side and they revealed that all Moto G smartphones sold with IMEI number beginning with 3533 have been affected by this issue.

On its way to rectify this issue, company is reaching out all users affected  by this bug through their exclusive partner Flipkart. If you got a Moto G with the issue, you may need to wait a couple of days for the mobile to get activated from Motorola side. If you can’t wait Motorola is offers replacement for such devices with new operational units or one can return the device to Flipkart for a full refund (no question asked).

Also to compensate for the trouble caused by this issue, Motorola is offers free credit of Rs 1200 on Flipkart with which one can buy anything of their choice like Moto Shell’s or other mobile accessories.

We suggest to wait a couple of days so that Motorola (still a Google company) can sort things out and activate your device from their side.

Update (4th June 2014)– Motorola has a revealed that all Moto G devices with IMEI numbers starting with 3533 is now registered with all Indian network operators.Customers earlier facing the network issue can now activate their devices immediately by putting their SIM.

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