When whole world is having phones for their own work why not children?  SatGuide who are experts in developing technologies for GPS have introduced new device meant for small children. Device is called Child Phone which has inbuild GPS tracker. Main motto is to track location of kid by their parents.  Phone only weigh 70gms so child can easily keep it without any problem.

SatGuide's Child Phone with GPS

As it is only for small kiddies, design is really simple and clean. To avoid confusion in kid, screen is not provided.  There are four buttons. Once child press any of them, it will trigger Emergency call to the number which is assigned by the parents. You can also see one button in center reading SOS. It will send text message to all the 4 numbers once it is pressed.

Child Phone supports GSM 900/1800/1900 Mhz frequencies, this will enable phone to receive signals all the time. Incase your child is lost and he/she is with Child Phone, parents can logon to SatGuide’s website and can track location of child. However if GPS is not working, child/device can also be tracked using GSM locating technology. This is all-rounder device for safety of child. I am sure with good marketing this device will be hit worldwide for its capabilities to track your child.

If somebody changes SIM card from the device, all 4 numbers will be notified about new SIM card number and you can even lock device using SMS commands. Currently you can buy the device for Rs. 4990 with 1year subscription free.

Watch video to know more about Child Phone

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