What is Benchmarking?

It is the process of accessing the performance of a device or object by running several programs or processes . The final results are then tabulated and a performance graph is usually drawn for comparison .

Why Benchmark your mobile phone?

Today’s mobile phone is a multifunctional minicomputer with faster processors . Modern handsets are enabled with 3D graphics rendering capability, high quality image and video processing e.t.c. So to test the efficiency of your phone’s hardware, you need to run a benchmark test .

How to perform benchmark in mobile phones?

It is familiar to us that mobile phone uses several platforms or OS’s, so we need different tools to perform these test in these various platforms .

So lets get started.

I. SPMark consumer version

This tool is for Symbian OS . Nokia, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Sony Ericsson and Sharp are the devices using this OS .

For Symbian 9, Series 60 3rd edition or UIQ 3.x. Download page

For Symbian 6.1/7.0, Series 60 (1.2/2.0) or UIQ (2.0/2.1). Download page

II. jb and gl Benchmarks

These tools can be used on handsets that have java runtime environment. Developed by Kishonti Informatics LP.

Java ME benchmarking. Download page

OpenGL ES benchmarking for high-end handsets. Download page

III. MobiAccess Benchmark Application

Mainly to test database oriented applications developed on mobiaccess development framework . So in turn it helps to calculate the speed of your handset .

Supported devices are

  1. Pocket PC (Windows Mobile 5 or higher)
  2. Symbian OS 7.0 or higher, or Symbian S60
  3. BlackBerry smartphones
  4. MIDP 2.0 compatible J2ME mobile phones*
  5. Google Android based smartphones*
  6. Apple iPhone*

Download page

IV. Benchmarkmagic

A simple tool to benchmark performance of blackberry phones.
Download page

V. BenchmarkPi

Strictly for Android phones . This is a simple tool developed by Konstantinos Polychronis . Benchmark your Android device by calculating the Pi and compete your time with others . Visit

VI. Quadrant

Quadrant is a benchmark for android mobile devices, capable of measuring CPU, memory, I/O and 3D graphics performance. Three editions of this software are available viz Standard, Advanced and Professional. Standard version is available for free.
Get From Google Play

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