If you are a designer or a marketing guy looking for creative ideas for display or print advertisements, then Moat Ads Search will come into handy. Moat Ad Search provides a single location to easily find ads running on the Web, unlike Google or other search engine where finding a specific type of advertisement is difficult (it can be found using this search engine but result may be cluttered). Moat Ad Search is a search engine that focuses entirely on ads instead of other kinds of online content. Similar to traditional search engines, Moat results are compiled using a web crawler that is specifically tuned to look for ads on the web and index them for later retrieval.

Moat - Search Engine for Display Advertisements

Moat makes it easy to find what and where ads are running for the top brands and sites. You can get details of ads such as ads size, format, last seen date and web location. You also have option to share the ad to top social networks with your friends and also flag or report the ad if you think inappropriate. You are always free to download them too.

You can’t find much of the Indian local brands ads, as it has some limitation over crawler, but it got a huge collection of popular international brands, which you can explore. It’s very interesting to see the trends and creativity of the certain brands ads over a period of time.

Try it and let me know how helpful it was.

LinkMoat Ad Search

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