The Indian handset manufacturing brand Micromax unveiled its new Brand logo at India vs Pakistan Asia Cup. Micromax call its new brand logo the “punch logo”, targeting the youth. The new logo has been developed through extensive crowd sourcing exercised by Micromax with the help of Talent house India. Micromax run the contest targeting over the design community across the social networking world and students from over 150 colleges and design schools all over the world.

The contest ran around for 2 months and registered over 2500 design entries by more than 1500 participants from across the globe. Out of this awesome contest, Eric Atkins of USA was announced as the winner of the contest for designing the new punch logo. Micromax will reward Eric Atkins with a MacBook Pro.

Micromax Unveil new Brand logo at India/Pak Asia Cup

Pratik Seal, Head- Marketing, Micromax commented that “It was tough to choose one amongst 2500 entries but we all decided that the Punch logo is a true reflection of the Micromax brand which is young, innovative, dynamic, bold, extrovert and fun

The company is in the full effort tot adapt the new branding by the end of the month and we can accept much more awesome products from Micromax. Micromax is accepted to release a new Android ICS based tablet this week.

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