Are you looking for a dirt cheap mobile that supports the high-speed 4G LTE network along with VoLTE support for making HD voice calls? Well, your wish will come true soon enough. The Indian mobile vendor Micromax is planning to launch two new ultra-affordable 4G VoLTE mobiles with price starting as low as Rs 1,999.

First on the list is Bharat 1 which will be a feature phone but with 4G VoLTE support. The feature phone will come with an ultra-affordable price tag of Rs 1,999. Thus making the cheapest VoLTE phone in India. The phone will run a Java based OS which may offer features comparable to Android mobiles.

Because of some of the operators giving free voice calls over 4G VoLTE, we’re seeing a spike in the demand for 4G VoLTE feature phones,” said Shubhajit Sen, Micromax CMO to ETTelecom. “We are working on technologies which would be of high interest to the operators in India” he added.

Micromax plans to launch 4G VoLTE mobiles starting at Rs 1,999

While Bharat 2, the second mobile under the Bharat series will be a proper smartphone running Android operating system. Bharat 2 will be the first Google-approved phone to be priced below Rs 3000. The mobile will support 4G LTE network along with VoLTE for making HD voice and video calls.

Bharat 2 is going to totally disrupt the entry level smartphone segment,” said Sen.

Micromax plans to launch the Bharat 2 within next two months, probably around the end of March or April 2017. Whereas Bharat 1 will be launched within a few weeks after the introduction of Bharat 2. Both devices will be open devices and manufactured in India taking advantage of Make In India initiative.

Micromax affordable 4G VoLTE phones

  • Plans to launch two phones with 4G LTE and VoLTE support.
  • Bharat 1 – a feature phone with VoLTE support and priced at Rs 1,999.
  • Bharat 2 – Google-approved 4G VoLTE phone to be priced below Rs 3000.
  • Launching within next two months (March-April 2017).

On the way we should thank Reliance Jio the only VoLTE supported network provider in India who also has disrupted the Indian telecom sector with its free schemes. Using the newly launching Micromax Bharat phones you can avail Jio Prime membership and enjoy unlimited VoLTE calling.

In addition, these devices may further help the mass adopting mobile banking, which has become a necessity after demonetization. These phones may carry digital wallets offered by Transerv and ability to pay offline merchants via mVisa.

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