With a very strong performance in the second quarter of 2014, Indian mobile vendor Micromax has captured the second position in Indian tablet market from Apple. Micromax was able to get 14% of the Indian tablet market whereas Apple scrambled down to 9% market share. But on top of the chart with 19% market share Samsung still rules the Indian tablet market according to the report released by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Micromax grabs second position from Apple in Indian Tablet Market (Report)

Other interesting findings from the IDC report on Indian tablet market include –

  • Android dominates the Indian tablet market with around 89.6% of all tablet been shipped in India.
  • Microsoft’s Nokia has breathing ground in India, as Windows OS is gaining some momentum in Indian market.
  • 88% of the tablets been sold in India are of screen size of 7 inch to 8 inch and there has been a 54% increase in 10 inch to 11 inch tablet market in India.
  • In the second quarter of 2014 tablet market shipments in India stood at 0.86million showing a growth of 9% from the first quarter of 2014

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