Never get stuck on the road due to flat tyre. Xiaomi has launched its Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor in India, a must-have gadget for every car owner. With this compact tyre inflator in your pocket, you could have tension-free travel on your car, bike or bicycle.

The Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is currently listed in the Mi Crowdfunding platform with a discounted price tag of Rs 2,299. The original price, once the crowdfunding campaign is completed would be Rs 2,499. If you are purchasing during the crowdfunding section, then delivery for the same will start on 10 August 2020.

Portable. Wireless. Risk-free

As the name suggests the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is light in weight (450g net weight) and compact (124mm x 71mm x 453mm), that you can carry it n your backpack. It comes with a built-in 18650mAh Lithium battery which allows it to use without an external power source. Another advantage of the portable design is that you could charge it easily, even with a power bank. It has the universal micro USB port, which is compatible with most smartphone cables.

Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor launched in India

The Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor can check tire pressure and helps you to adjust the too low or too high tire pressure. In case you need to fill the air, the device has enough power to fill five car tires and to fill a car tire it takes only six minutes. It can also be used to fill bikes, cars, and common bicycle tiers with ease. As the gadget is small enough to carry around, you could use it even to inflate a football to the right pressure.

The device comes with high-precision alloy die-casting cylinder that can be pressurised to 145 psi – enough to aerate car, bike and bicycle tires. It packs a digital pressure gauge with auto shut-off capability so that you won’t over pressurise your tyres. The compact design offers excellent heat dissipation during operation. It also comes with a built-in shock-absorbing pad that can effectively absorb the vibration from the cylinder.

The Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is subjected to a variety of quality and safety test. This include – excess pressure protection test, electrical intensity test, pressure resistance test, air hose hydraulic test, high/low-temperature test, air hose tensile strength test, freewill test and core durability test.

As an extra perk, the device comes with a built-in LED light for easy operation even during the night. It also got a digital display that shows the tyre pressure. Most of the functions on the device can be achieved using the circle-shaped physical buttons.

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