Xiaomi’s Mi Bluetooth Speaker Basic 2 is our favourite gadget of the week. Earlier this month, we planned for a trip and was searching for a budget Bluetooth speaker with good features. We ended up in buying the Mi Bluetooth Speaker Basic 2 and here is what we felt using same.

Mi Bluetooth Speaker Basic 2 Review - A Feast For Your Eyes And Ears

Xiaomi is offering a bunch of features in this beautiful Bluetooth gadget. It measures 154.2x60x25.5 mm and weighs just 237g making it comfortable to carry around one-handed or in a bag. On a full charge, it delivers up to 10 hours (40 percent volume) of non-stop Hi-Fi music with twin 3-ohm speakers having 2.5W output power. It also comes with a built-in mic for handsfree calls. It utilizes Bluetooth v4.2 which is energy efficient with several advantages and gives you up to the 1om range.

Tech Specifications
  • Output: Twin speakers 2.5 W 3 ohm, Input: Built-in mic.
  • Controls: Physical buttons and playback device or app.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth V4.2(10m range), Aux.
  • Dimensions:  154.2x60x25.5 mm, Weight: 237g.
  • Battery: 1200mAh Li-ion battery. Charging: 100 percent in 1.5-3 hrs.
  • Backup : Upto 10 hours (40 percent volume), or 4-5 hours (100 percent volume).
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz — 18000Hz

The speakers are placed safely inside a gorgeous aluminium matte frame and no internal space is wasted. On the top side, you’ll find 3 physical buttons, power, volume up and volume down. The power button has multiple functions like powering on/off, call answer/end/decline, pause, mute(aux out), unpair. In the rear, there are two ports, an aux audio input port and a micro USB charging port. Thus the speaker can be connected to any device with Bluetooth audio out or aux out. If connected via Bluetooth to android or iOS, the speaker’s battery level will show up on the device’s status bar. We can use any standard 5V 1A/2A charger to fully charge it in approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.


We paired the Mi Bluetooth Speakers with every device we found lying around viz phone, laptop, FM radio, Amazon Fire TV stick etc. The output was very impressive and immersive without any cracking even at 100 percent volume. It also saves battery by shutting down when disconnected from Bluetooth for a long time. We also noticed that the device gives sound and LED notifications for pairing, low battery and power off.  Overall, the Mi Bluetooth Speaker Basic 2 is a decent gadget at the price of Rs 1799. You can grab it from Mi store, Flipkart or other channels with additional festive or bank offers. Hope the review was useful, Peace!

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