The Mi Band HRX Edition aka Mi Band 2i is the modified version of Mi Band 2 which came out last year. This edition is endorsed by Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and comes with ‘HRX’ logo in the peg of it’s strap. We grabbed one unit for review and giveaway earlier this month. Here is what I felt after using it for tracking the daily activities for almost two weeks.

Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition Review
Setting Up Mi Band HRX Edition

The band can be paired with any android or iOS device via the Mi Fit app. If you face pairing issues, especially in setting the app as trusted device, try bonding it with nRF connect app. Once paired with the fitness app, setup your profile and modify band settings from the device tab. You can also set the band to give app and incoming call notifications.

Performance and Tracking

The band equips all the features of Mi Band 2 except the HRM(Heart Rate Monitor). So continuous heart rate monitoring and heart rate sleep assistant is out of the picture. The band measures your step count with a military grade accelerometer, with which it calculates the distance covered and calories burned. It can also track your sleeping cycle and give you a feedback on how well you slept every morning.

Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition and Mi Band 2 Comparison

Xiaomi constantly updates the firmware by improving the tracking algorithm and also adding more features and fonts to Mi Band. The Mi Fit app has also gone a lot of chances since it’s first release, with added phone gps tracking, social sharing, goals and more. The HRX Band is also powered by a 70mAh battery which can be charged by USB(PC/Laptop) or a standard 5V power adaptor.

Mi Band 2 vs Mi Band HRX Edition

As said earlier the HRX edition has a HRX logo it’s strap peg and has everything except the heart rate sensor. The absence of HRM has increased the battery life significantly to over 20 days, even with the OLED display. On the box, you will also notice that the HRX edition is actually Mi Band 2i. The HRX edition has also a brighter OLED display compared to the Mi Band 2.

Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition and Mi Band 2 hands on review
Overall Experience

The Band is comfortable to wear and is made of skin friendly material with hypoallergenic properties. Like Mi Band 2, this is also IP67 rated dust and splash resistant. However, the display isn’t scratch resistant and the silicon band is prone to wear and tear. But for the budget price of Rs 1299, the band is a perfect activity tracker for starters. You can grab the Mi Band HRX edition from Flipkart or Mi store until the stock lasts with additional wallet and festive offers. Hope the review was useful, Peace!

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